Initial Diagnostic $75

This fee is charged as an initial diagnosis to figure what is causing your spa or pool not to function properly. This is an upfront fee that is due on the first trip. 

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Hourly Rate $75

This is charged only when the work is completed and your spa is up and running. This fee is charged per hour that we are at your residence. 

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Purge $250

We start with your dirty spa and make it look brand new again. We will treat with a very powerful purge chemical that will kill 98% of all living bacteria within the first minute. Next we drain, back pressure all the lines and make sure nothing is left in the jet lines. We clean and degrease all filters, as well as clean a treat the cover. The whole process takes about 2 hours. 

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Tune up $199

We will shock the spa and let it run a few minutes. After we believe the bacteria is dead we will drain the spa and start the cleaning process. Backflow all lines, clean entire hot tub, clean and degrease all filters and clean the cover. This process takes about 

1 1/2 hours to complete. 

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Acid Wash $450-$700

depending on pool size

If it is determined that we need to perform an acid wash on your swimming pool, we take the following steps to get you up and going.

We will shock the pool and brush it thoroughly, next we will drain and pressure wash the pool. Then acid wash, clean and brush the entire pool. Start the refill process. 

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Filter Cleaning $85

We take apart your entire filter system to make sure we get all grids cleaned. We specialize in DE and Cartridge filters. We use high pressure rinse and if needed we will use a muriatic acid to finish the cleaning process. 

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Green to Clean $175

Plus $75 each additional visit

Our first step in the process is to clean your filters. Without proper water flow this will be more costly. We start the process by super shocking and killing all bacteria in the pool. This process from start to finish usually take 3-4 visits.

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